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The House System

In Coláiste Iósaef, we view our pastoral care system within the school as extremely important and one of our greatest strengths.

As the management of the school we see the House System as reinforcing the culture, ethos and spirit of our school.

We believe that it allows our students to achieve more togetherness and unity as a student body and to experience more successes as individuals and in groups.

In turn helping to make them mature into responsible teenagers proud of themselves, of each other and of their school.

Feedback from other schools where the House system existed informed us of the following:

  • Mix of Year Groups and ages leads to better relationships in and around the school
  • Mixed years give opportunities for sharing experiences (subject options, exam experience, peer issues)
  • The House System provides leadership opportunities for the older year groups as they prepare for college and beyond
  • Automatic peer mentoring means students do not have to give up their breaks and lunches to mentor or be mentored, it occurs naturally

The House System

In October 2010 the Coláiste Iósaef students were placed into 4 Houses. These are not physical locations in our current school although there are House Centres where the students meet. Students who previously existed within the Colours teams remained in those teams and our new students were allocated by a staff focus team. Following a vote amongst our students, the Student Council selected 4 House names from a list of 25 provided by the teaching staff.

The Houses were to be called Tí to make the system uniquely Irish, the names the student council selected were:

Tí Mac Aodha

Honouring Mick Mackey, Limerick’s and possibly Irelands Greatest Hurler.

Tí Mhic Róibín

Honouring Mary Robinson, 1st Female President of Ireland and U.N Human Rights Commissioner.

Tí Setanta

Honouring Cú Chulainn, Irelands most famous mythological hero.

Tí De Valera

Honouring Eamon de Valera, born in nearby Bruree, freedom fighter, Taoiseach and President of Ireland.

Each house is led by three of the teaching staff, the ‘Ceannaire an Tí ’ (Head of House) and two Leas Ceannaire. From the students there are two ‘Captaens’ , a senior boy or girl and other student leadership roles such as House Reporters and House Mentors.

Why use a House System?

The advantages of the Coláiste Iósaef House system are:

  • It offers greater personalisation of our student care, guidance and support for pupils
  • It creates a natural community spirit amongst groups of students and thus amongst the student body as a whole
  • Our houses provide a competitive framework for positive learning events e.g Sports Day, Assessment Week, Attendance, Homework etc
  • It fosters togetherness using a pastoral system to promote student body unity and self-care
  • It makes available interesting and exciting house events that enliven the school life such as Arts & Creativity, Environmental Awareness, Charity Fundraising, Christmas Concert etc.
  • It develops a whole school approach to rewards for and celebrations of achievement in a variety of fields
  • Each house provides multiple leadership opportunities
  • By promoting student responsibility it has a positive impact on behaviour, discipline and management
  • It reflects the wider communities in which our students live, mixing with different age groups as well as different backgrounds, genders etc.

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